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Journal of
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Electrochemical Science
Sasha Omanovic

Electrochemical Engineering
Manuel A. R. Rodrigo

Editorial Board


Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering jESE strives to excellence and aims for a high impact on wide scientific community dealing with any field of fundamental and applied electrochemistry.

Editorial Board of the Journal of Electrochemical Science and Engineering would like to invite interested scientists to submit an original research or review article to upcoming issues. The Editorial Board will ensure prompt peer-review process and fast on-line publishing free of charge for the articles in first volume. The reviewers are well recognized scientists who make part of our Editorial board, and independent reviewers

The published articles will be available for free to all interested parties, with unrestricted access to and downloading of all contents. Publishing in jESE will provide high visibility of your research work.

We are seeking papers for first volume of jESE from academic and industrial researchers, professors, PhD students ... anyone connected to the broad topics of our journal. We welcome contributions from all over the world on any topic of our journal. We plan to put out the first issue of Journal in June 2011.

Before submitting, please consult the Guidelines for article preparation and submission.

We look forward to working with you.

Should you have any questions please let us know.

Best regards,

jESE Editorial Office, Ed_office@jESE-online.org

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